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Spiced Hot Toddy

Honey + Whiskey + Spices = A spiced hot toddy to sooth your senses in fall and winter Now that fall is in full swing in the Northeast–and winter is approaching–warm, comforting drinks are in order. Which is why I am suggesting you try this spiced hot toddy recipe made with The Famous Grouse Whiskey from

Brown Sugar Brioche Bread Pudding


How to make a dreamy brioche bread pudding If you’re looking for a cozy, satisfying, old-fashioned dessert, bread pudding checks off all of those boxes. And when it’s made with fluffy brioche (I used the brioche swirls with chocolate chips from European company St. Pierre), a pinch of cardamom, and a dash of bourbon, then

You must try this ice cream from Adirondack Creamery

Craving ice cream? It’s easy to get bombarded with all the choices at the supermarket these days. You stare into the freezer wondering which one will hit all of your requirements. For me that means super creamy and something off the usual ice cream radar. Which is why I was excited to taste the kulfi-pistachio

Buttermilk Bundt Cake {Spiced up with Cardamom}

When I posted a photo of this cake on Instagram, friends left comments that they hadn’t had a slice of bundt cake in ages, that no one seems to make them anymore. Certainly this humble cake is an old-fashioned choice, yet it’s still a crowd pleaser. Case in point: my family came to visit and

Flourless chocolate cake {there’s my heart, running outside of my body}

I got a thumbs up on the flour-less chocolate cake from two discerning palates: my daughter, who’s on the right, and her BFF (and fellow first grader) whose nickname is GG. My heart feels so full when I see my daughter playing with her friend and enjoying life. Once she was an infant so reliant

Cardamom bundt cake {Quiet days at home}

After spending time in Massachusetts with my family for Christmas, I returned to New York to spend some quiet time at home. It’s taken me a long time to realize that I’m an introvert and I just love having some alone time to recharge…reading, watching movies, listening to music. It’s especially nice to have the

How to spice up your hot chocolate {Recipe from Spice Market}

Is it getting cold where you live? Then it just might be time to make some hot chocolate. I know that drinks like these can get personal. There are those who still (gasp!) reach for the powdery versions on the supermarket shelves, while others insist on making theirs the same way every time, with the

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