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Cook, Eat, and Dine Like a Local

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Welcome to The NYC Kitchen!

Come join me for an exclusive insider’s view of the vibrant dining and cooking scene in New York City! From indulging in hidden gems and renowned restaurants to exploring unique food markets and creating mouthwatering recipes with the ingredients I bring home, I will share my discoveries with you—all with a diverse and international flair that is reflective of life in NYC.

I’m Tracey Ceurvels, a food and travel journalist/influencer based in New York City. My daily life revolves around exploring the city’s diverse culinary landscape, from strolling through spice markets, enjoying a night out at a restaurant to creating new recipes with ingredients I discover. Through my journey, I’ve carved out a niche for myself as a cooking and lifestyle influencer, fueled by a relentless passion for exploration.

My bylines have graced the pages of such publications as The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, Time Out, and other publications, solidifying my position as an influential voice in the industry. I’ve also written a cookbook: The NYC Kitchen Cookbook.

My adventurous spirit and deep appreciation for diverse culinary experiences drive me to share my discoveries and insights with you. I hope to inspire you to embark on your own adventures—after all, life is meant to be savored.

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The NYC Kitchen Cookbook

Satiate your sense of wanderlust and take an edible journey around New York City with food and travel journalist Tracey Ceurvels. In The NYC Kitchen Cookbook, Tracey shares her tasty adventures with foodie fans nationwide and explains how to use the flavorful ingredients found in NYC to make simple yet sensational meals for any occasion.


The NYC Kitchen Cookbook reflects its namesake city perfectly. It’s a melting pot of spices, ingredients, and dishes from around the world that can only come together in a city like New York.”
—Linnea Johansson, author of Food for Friends

“Traveling to New York City is an epicurean adventure, made even better when Tracey is my guide.

I wouldn’t think of visiting NYC without Tracey’s guidance.”—Sue Ann Gleason, culinary nutritionist and nourishment guide