Hello and Welcome!

I’m Tracey, a writer, food lover, and cookbook author. 

I want to inspire you to try to new ingredients, cook a new dish, and explore the world through food.

I believe that:

  • Recipes, ingredients, and meals are a fun and informative way to learn about other cultures.
  • Adventure is a necessity.
  • Adding new flavors and spices to your meals is a must.
  • Exploring food when traveling is always a good idea.
  • Meal kits are overrated and are a definite NO. Also a NO: bad coffee (no, no, no to all that plastic), processed foods (ugh), and bland ingredients (no way).
  • Fantasizing about where to travel, where to eat, and where to explore next is totally reasonable. So is wandering around aimlessly and discovering something new.
  • Being curious is a must, as is great coffee, spices, new flavors, incredible chocolate, and discovering an amazing restaurant or a unique hotel.
  • Gathering around a table and enjoying yourself over a well-cooked meal with a bottle of wine and some great music is one of life’s great pleasures.
  • At the end of the day all that really matters is enjoying life with family and friends.

In my newsletter, The Fernweh Dinner Party, I’ll introduce you to places and ingredients I discover—and sumptuous recipes that you’ll learn to make. Come and join me! 

The NYC Kitchen Cookbook

“The NYC Kitchen Cookbook reflects its namesake city perfectly. It’s a melting pot of spices, ingredients, and dishes from around the world that can only come together in a city like New York.” ―Linnea Johansson, author of Food for Friends

The NYC Kitchen Cookbook draws inspiration from food stores and markets that make NYC one of the most diverse and appetizing destinations of the world. Unique ingredients and the NYC shops they’re sourced from are the stars of Tracey’s recipes. But even if NYC shops are miles away, ingredients can also be found in markets nationwide and online, making The NYC Kitchen Cookbook a convenient and diverse recipe guide for every day of the week.

“Tracey captures the essence of what it’s like to pick up ingredients in a city bustling with shops and flavors. Her recipes are fun, approachable, and make cooking in New York an exciting adventure.” ―Maille US

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