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Irish Poitin Recipe: Frozen Lemonade


Have you ever tried Irish Poitin? Poitin, pronounced put-cheen, is a modern-day moonshine that you can mix and swirl with other ingredients for a refreshing, yet oh-so-potent, cocktail. Moonshine, said to predate whiskey, was originally made in a small pot, probably in someone’s kitchen (illegally) and the Gaelic word for pot is poitin, hence the

5 Patrón Cocktails to Try

I recently received a bottle of Patrón Silver Tequila and started experimenting, as I often do, not wanting to go the usual classic margarita route, because you can find those anywhere. I like creating drinks with added flavors and flair. Which is not to say that a lovely margarita on the rocks with salt is

Just Peachy—3 Peach Cocktails to Enjoy this Summer

Peach Cobbler Cocktail

Did you know that August is National Peach Month? Who knew, right? Consider it another excuse to enjoy some more peaches before fall sets in. Aside from peach pie, peach cobbler and other peach-y desserts, you may want to try a refreshing peach cocktail. The Bitter Truth, which makes—you guessed it—bitters, has created Peach Bitters,

Try this Unique Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary at Burke & Wills Australian Bistro

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Raspberry Margarita with Ginger + Black Pepper

Raspberry Black Pepper Ginger Margarita

I’ve got to tell you about this tequila I recently discovered: Corralejo Reposado Tequila. If you like tequila, you must try this one. It’s packaged in an adorable bottle, which is more petite than you can tell in this photo. But good things come in small packages and this tequila is most definitely proof of that, making

Templeton Rye Whiskey Lemonade

Templeton Lemonade

We’ve been mixing up some high-caliber cocktails for you to try this summer, and this boozy whiskey lemonade is at the top of the list. Containing Templeton Rye, plus fresh lemon juice, it’s one of those refreshing drinks to sip before a weekend dinner, or whenever you have a bit more time to linger. Templeton Rye’s tagline

Olive-Salted Chopin Vodka Martini

Sunday, June 18th, is both National Martini Day and Father’s Day. Let’s toast these occasions with a straight-up Olive-Salted Chopin Vodka Martini. It’s an easy-to-make at home cocktail. And what makes a great martini? In my opinion, it’s using a top-shelf, great-tasting vodka. Which is why I want to tell you about Chopin Potato Vodka;

10 Must-Try Summer Cocktails from NYC Restaurants

These hot August nights call for a refreshing cocktail, don’t you think? Whether you head out to one of these hot spots for drinks with friends or prefer to make them at home (2 recipes included below), I found some must-try cocktails around the city. What I love about these in particular: they combine fresh summer produce with

Going out for a cocktail? Follow The Cocktail Collective

This is a festive time of year, when meeting friends for cocktails after work is a fun way to socialize. And if you need an idea on where to go (though there’s never a shortage of places here in NYC), you may want to follow The Cocktail Collective. This group of talented bartenders creates cocktail

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