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For the love of pumpkin {3 Recipes from Luxurious Hotels}

While apples often take center stage in the fall, there’s nothing like devouring a recipe made with pumpkin when the air turns crisp. This earthy fruit that’s a member of the squash family is so versatile it can be added to both sweet and savory recipes (and coffee, too). Add a dash of cinnamon, a

Flourless chocolate cake {there’s my heart, running outside of my body}

I got a thumbs up on the flour-less chocolate cake from two discerning palates: my daughter, who’s on the right, and her BFF (and fellow first grader) whose nickname is GG. My heart feels so full when I see my daughter playing with her friend and enjoying life. Once she was an infant so reliant

10 of the Best French Restaurants in NYC {from casual bistros to culinary temples}

To be in Paris is a dream for many food lovers. From the markets to the bistros to elegant restaurants, there is much to be devoured in Paris. It’s where Julia Child got her start, where Ernest Hemingway wrote A Moveable Feast, where well-known blogger Clothilde Dusoulier creates recipes in her kitchen and where countless

Roasted chicken with tea, clementines + smoked salt {A comforting meal, a comforting evening}

Roasted chicken…it might sound boring to some, but it’s one of my favorite meals. And the fact that S, my 5-year old daughter also loves it, makes it a regular dish in our home. Crispy skin, fall-off-the bone meat…what’s not to love? With caramelized shallot mashed potatoes and some sautéed green beans it becomes a

For the love of autumn {Tortellini with squash + Romaine pomegranate salad}

It’s been a very glorious fall here in NYC: sunny days, slight crispness in the air, blue skies, white fluffy clouds, cozy evenings—pure gorgeousness. It’s my favorite time of year to do simple things that make me happy: stroll around New York with my daughter, sit in a cafe and sip coffee or tea, and

Instilling a sense of adventure {and snacks to take along}

I’m instilling in her a sense of adventure. At least I hope so. Not that I’d push it, but my 5-year old daughter seems to love what I plan (and don’t plan, which is often when the real fun happens). What is life if it’s not an adventure? That’s my philosophy. She has a kids’

Dinner at home with Alex Guarnaschelli of Butter {Green Bean Casserole}

On many occasions, chefs were inspired to cook at home during their childhoods—and it’s no different for Alex Guarnaschelli, renowned chef at Butter restaurant and star of her own TV show, Alex’s Day Off on the Food Network. Alex’s mom is a legendary cookbook editor, and Alex often watched and helped her mom test recipes at

Cod, shrimp + chorizo stew {All is fine no matter what the outcome}

I told myself I would never be one of those moms you hear about, the crazy ones obsessed with getting their child into a great kindergarten. But over the past couple of week I’ve gotten immersed in the craziness of kindergarten admittance here in NYC. If you haven’t heard of this level of insanity, you

Chocolate soufflé {and one of my cooking muses}

I was making a soufflé when I discovered what happened in Boston. In fact I was talking to my mom—my whole family lives there. After hearing the tragic news, I felt paralyzed—and even frivolous when it came time to writing about baking a soufflé. I just could not write about dessert when my hometown had

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