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Abbotsford Road Coffee Specialists


New York City has become a mecca for coffee lovers. From my apartment in Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn I can walk to at least 10 spots to get a good cup—and that’s just in one neighborhood. Yet, I’m always excited when a new place opens up. As soon as I heard about Abbotsford Road Coffee

Pumpkin spice latte {I love autumn}

Oh, autumn, how I love thee. The crisp weather, the beauty of the trees, the pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin risotto (with Chinese 5-Spice), the magic in the air in NYC…and pumpkin spice lattes. I am guilty of swinging by Starbucks for a fix, but then after reading this article by Food Babe, I’m a bit turned off

Things I lost {tea-infused pound cake}

I lost a lot of things this past year. A diamond bracelet I received from an ex during a trip to Venice, Italy. An entire bin full of some of my favorite books—many from my childhood that I wanted to pass on to S. The plastic bin got ravaged by black mold (not a pretty

Where to find the best coffee in New York City

  I’m standing in line at La Colombe Torrefaction in Tribeca. The baristas act blasé, as if you’re interrupting their coffee break. They haven’t taken on the “overly sweet because of the economy” attitude I’ve experienced elsewhere. No, they just assume people will love their coffee, and indeed they do, as proven by the long

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