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Trattoria Italienne, where Northern Italian meets Southern France

At Trattoria Italienne in NYC’s Flatiron, Northern Italian meets Southern France with standout dishes like Venetian-style spaghetti with head-on shrimp and fluffy gnocchi with bacon and gorgonzola.

You must try this ice cream from Adirondack Creamery

Craving ice cream? It’s easy to get bombarded with all the choices at the supermarket these days. You stare into the freezer wondering which one will hit all of your requirements. For me that means super creamy and something off the usual ice cream radar. Which is why I was excited to taste the kulfi-pistachio

Graeter’s ice cream

Have you heard of French pot-made ice cream? I hadn’t either until I was introduced to Graeter’s ice cream by a dear friend. French pot is a process of making ice cream only two gallons at a time in a French Pot Freezer, which makes ultra creamy ice cream. I was wondering why I, an

Starbucks Ice Cream

I tend to frequent local coffee shops but when I do visit Starbucks, my drink of choice is a grande caramel macchiato. Which is why I was happy to see the ice cream version at a corner deli. I waited until Sunday night, movie night at my home, to try the vanilla, coffee, caramel swirl

Haagen-Dazs Five

I am still on an ice cream kick. And since it’s actually too hot here in New York to walk around looking for an ice cream shop, I did the next best thing and bought a pint at my local bodega. Now I like ice cream in its purest form, i.e. not a lot of

The Best Ice Cream in New York City

In August it’s as if the streets of New York turn into hot plates, so scolding you could cook an egg right out on the sidewalk, i.e. it’s much more desirable to be at the beach this time of year. But if you happen to be out and about on these steamy blocks, what cold,

Where to Eat in the Lower East Side

  Long before I lived in the bleak area where Chinatown juts up to the Lower East Side, my ex-boyfriend’s mother grew up here. When I signed the lease to my third floor walk-up, she asked in a concerned maternal tone, “Why would you want to live there?” I often wondered that myself, especially after

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