Graeter’s ice cream

The French Pot Process of making ice cream
Have you heard of French pot-made ice cream? I hadn’t either until I was introduced to Graeter’s ice cream by a dear friend. French pot is a process of making ice cream only two gallons at a time in a French Pot Freezer, which makes ultra creamy ice cream.

I was wondering why I, an ice cream aficionado, hadn’t heard of Graeter’s and then realized it’s because Graeter’s is sold in Kentucky, Ohio, Texas, and I am in New York. But now they’re shipping their famous ice cream so we can all get a taste of their irresistible flavors. (And they’re shipping methods are very commendable; The ice cream arrives frozen.)

My favorite Graeter’s flavor is also their signature and best-seller: black raspberry chip. It tastes exactly like the fruit (which they get from Oregon farms), only sweeter, and the chocolate chips are made by one of the oldest chocolatiers and the inventor of milk chocolate, Peter’s Chocolates.

To order Graeter’s ice cream, visit their site.

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