Tuna Poke Bowl

2C Poke Bowl
Tuna Poke Bowl from 2nd City

Dinnertime during the summer can be a daunting task. What to eat and what to make that doesn’t require turning on the oven for long durations? It’s a conundrum we all face from time to time during these sultry summer nights.

Enter the poke bowl. It’s a fresh meal of all raw ingredients—and it’s oh-so-satisfying. Instead of turning to take out when you can’t bear to cook (okay, I am guilty of this), make a tuna poke bowl. You can follow this poke bowl recipe, which is courtesy of Chef Jordan Andino (who’s worked for both Wolfgang Puck and Thomas Keller) of 2nd City in New York. Or, you can also mix and match your own ingredients. The keys to this tuna poke bowl, (which at 2nd City is called “Poke Me” Bowl) are the tangy dressing and the high-quality tuna. But other than these two must-haves, feel free to add in a couple of other ingredients you like. And, for a wine pairing, try this Vouvray.

If you have kids or plan on inviting friends over, it’s fun to set everything out in small bowls and have everyone choose what they like. Fun and easy yet flavorful…sometimes that’s what makes dinnertime during the summer bearable.

What you need at a glance:

sushi grade tuna
sweet miso
sesame oil
oyster sauce

This tuna poke bowl is easy enough to make yourself, but if you truly want to go out, head to casual Filipino taqueria 2nd City in the West Village where you can order the tuna poke bowl, and many other Filipino-inspired treats, like the cutely named “Nice Buns.”

2nd City is located at 525 Hudson St. at Charles St.

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