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Tuna Poke Bowl

2C Poke Bowl

Dinnertime during the summer can be a daunting task. What to eat and what to make that doesn’t require turning on the oven for long durations? It’s a conundrum we all face from time to time during these sultry summer nights. Enter the poke bowl. It’s a fresh meal of all raw ingredients—and it’s oh-so-satisfying.

Where to eat in NYC: Barrio 47

“We must order the Majorcan flatbread with mushrooms,” I said to my dining companion. “Wild mushrooms, spinach, truffle oil. It’s a no brainer.” The flatbread was so good we could have stopped there, but since there were so many other tempting options, most of which are made right there in the open kitchen, we continued

Po in the West Village

I love Cornelia Street, the charming one block street in the West Village. For such a small street, it’s packed with good restaurants, especially Po, the restaurant where Mario Batali basically got his start. Check out my interview with Po’s Steven Crane in Haute Living, then book a table by the window for a romantic

10 Downing

Have you been to 10 Downing? If you haven’t I highly recommend it. Chef Jonnatan Leiva gives his soulful approach to fresh, local food. And each night of the week he’s offering a special dinner. Tonight’s theme is summer fried chicken, and I’ll definitely be visiting again on either a Sunday or Monday when 10

Bistro de la Gare

Here’s my review of Bistro de la Gare in Papermag.com Enjoy! Follow thenyckitchen!

Cornelia Street restaurants

Cornelia Street. You could easily get lost finding this one-block street that spans from Bleecker to where West 4th juts up to Sixth Avenue. But once you stumble upon this charming, minuscule street that feels removed from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, you’ll find several must-try restaurants. I don’t think there’s another block in

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