Love Cheese? 5 Must-Visit NYC Cheese Shops

French Cheese Board
The French Cheese Board specializes in--you guessed it--cheese from France.

Fresh, firm, milky, creamy…cheese comes in many forms and flavors and there’s a cheese (or many, depending on your taste buds) no matter what kind of cheese you like.

If you’re seeking a particular cheese or you’re gathering a few different types for a picnic or a party, you’ll want to check out these NYC cheese shops where cheese is the star.

The French Cheese Board

This art-gallery-like shop in SoHo is the place to go for, you guessed it, French cheese. The highly knowledgeable staff will help you choose, whether you want a sublime brie, a decadent triple creme, or a nutty raclette. The French Cheese Board is more than a shop, however: there are tastings, a lab, and cheese classes to learn—and taste—something new. Skip over to the bakery at Balthazar for a baguette to go along with your French cheeses.

56 Prince St, Manhattan

Murray’s Cheese

If you’re looking for a cheese—even an obscure one—Murray’s, which was founded in 1940, will undoubtedly have it. The cheese at Murray’s runs the gamut from firm and fresh to soft and stinky—and everything in between.Not sure what cheese to buy? Just ask the staff who give you a sample and be sure to stop by when the staff is making mozzarella or, if you’re a serious cheese aficionado, sign up for Murray’s Boot Camp, a weekend of discovering, learning, and tasting cheese.

254 Bleecker St, Manhattan and other locations

Cheese Plate Brooklyn

This shop might be small but it’s packed with great choices for   cheese—some common and others that can be hard to find—including Camembert, Gouda, Burrata, Halloumi, Manchego, Moliterno with truffles, Roquefort and many other cheeses. Plus, you can order a cheese plate put together by a cheesemonger and even have it delivered.

400 7th Avenue, Brooklyn

Monger’s Palate

A neighborhood favorite, Monger’s Palate offers cheese, sandwiches, cheese plates and specialty food items all of which can be ordered for local delivery. The owner, Carol Johnson, is an American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional and used to work at Murray’s (see above) so she’s very knowledgeable about cheese and takes care in choosing what cheese she sells. Get the picnic basket for a trip to the park or if you’re having a party, serve this gorgeous cheese tower.

192 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn

Ideal Cheese

What started as a place to buy eggs and milk in 1954 ago is now one of NYC’s top cheese shops. The store boasts over 250 cheeses from around the world. Consider a Chimay from Belgium, a Danish Stilton, a Spanish Valdeon, or a Taleggio from Italy. If you can’t make it into this Upper East Side staple,  you can order from their web site or send as a gift via the Cheese of the Month Club, and receive new cheeses every month.

942 First Avenue, Manhattan

I hope you like these recommendations. Let me know if you visit one of them—and what cheese you buy.

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