Food Lover’s Gift Guide 2018

It’s gift-giving season and I’ve compiled some tasty gifts for your favorite food and wine lover in this handy 2018 food lover’s gift guide. From monthly food subscriptions to must-have ingredients to wine (oh yes, bring on the wine) and some booze, too, there is something for everyone on your list. That is if they love food. As Julia Child so famously said, “People who love to eat are always the best people.”

Check out the oh-so-appealing options below or head over to my Amazon Influencer storefront for even more gifts for food lovers.

P.S. My cookbook, The NYC Kitchen, makes a nice gift, too. : ) I’d be happy to sign a copy. Just let me know by sending me an email.



If they love chocolate…(and who doesn’t)

The Chocoholic
Wine, sugar and bacon–quite possibly the best gift ever from the Gundlach Bundschu Winery. This set includes: 2016 Zinfandel, cocoa nib shortbread, chocolate bacon bar, corkscrew.
Click here to purchase:

French Chocolates
For the holiday season, this treasured chocolate company offers something for everyone providing one of the country’s largest selections of individual pieces of candy (over 120 types such as almond bark, marzipan accords and French mints). They have a wide selection of custom gift boxes that are perfect for office gifting, chocolate snowmen and toy soldiers for hostess gifts, as well as custom molds with options such as chocolate chess sets, chocolate lipsticks, chocolate high heels, among many others. What I’d recommend: a box of French chocolates certain to please any chocoholic.
Click here to purchase: Li-Lac Chocolates

Eureka Works - 62% Cacao - Limited Edition

Guittard Eureka Works Bar
To celebrate its 150th Anniversary, Guittard Chocolate Company launched its new, limited-edition Eureka Works chocolate to home bakers. Created for the sesquicentennial, Guittard created a complex, and delicious bar that embodies its rich history — using cocao from its earliest sourcing locations. This bar is 62% cacao and recreates the classic west coast flavors that have made Guittard a household name. Click here to purchase:

If they love charcuterie…

Salami of the Month Club

Olympia Provisions Salami of the Month
Olympia Provisions makes 12 different salamis crafted from northwest pork using old-world technique. The Salami of the Month Club makes it easy for members to try every one of these delicious salami, plus, they’re delivered right to your door for a very convenient present. Included with the monthly meats are tasting notes and examples of how Salumist Elias Cairo likes to enjoy them. Choose one, two, or three, and send one to a friend. Shipping is included. Click here to purchase:


Bestsellers Gift Box

A Taste of Spain Gift Box from La Tienda
Enjoy a taste of Spain with this wondrous gift box from La Tienda. It includes meats, plus gazpacho, cheese (hello, Manchego!), olives and more for a special experience.
Click here to purchase: Gift Box of Goodies from Spain

If they love cheese…

Stinky Brooklyn Cheese of the Month Club

Four magnificent cheeses from one of Brooklyn’s finest cheese shops delivered to the recipient’s door once a month–oh la la! Choose one or several months. FYI: Stinky Brooklyn also has monthly clubs for wine, whiskey, and coffee. Order a monthly subscription here: Stinky Brooklyn Cheese of the Month Club


Murray’s Cheese of the Month Club
New York City’s most well-known cheese shops, Murray’s, has a monthly cheese club curated by te very knowledgeable cheesemongers who taste cheese in Murray’s cheese cave, so expect some exquisite choices. Click here to purchase: Murray’s Cheese of the Month Club

If they love love to cook…


Kitchen Tools

I have a storefront over on Amazon and I’ve compiled some of my favorite kitchen items inspired by my love of “wanderlust” cooking. You’ll find tagines and beautiful baking dishes, gorgeous pots and pans and adorable little cocottes–and more. Visit my curated shop here: Wanderlust in the Kitchen

Maille Gourmet Mustard Variety Pack
Mustard is one of my top must-keep-stocked ingredients and this set is perfect to a variety of meals. Includes: Maille Dijon mustard Originale, Maille Old Style mustard, Maille Honey Dijon, and Maille Rich Country Dijon mustard. Click here to purchase: Maille Mustard Variety Pack


Athens Phyllo Shells
Need to bring an edible present to a party? Look no further than these delightful phyllo shells from Athens Foods. They’re already baked, making is super easy to bring an impressive gift. Fill them with Nutella, chocolate, custard, key lime, fresh fruit, or whatever you like…you get the idea. You can get some specific ideas with these five versions I created. These adorable shells come in regular phyllo, graham cracker flavor as well as chocolate–so you can really go crazy making different concoctions. Find out where to buy them here: Athens Foods


If they love wine…

Beaujolais Rosé Nouveau USA 2018 NATIONAL.jpg

Le Vins Georges Duboeuf 2018 Beaujolais Nouveau Rosé
Enjoy Rose the winter way this holiday season. Brand new to the U.S. market this year, the Beaujolais Nouveau Rosé will be unveiled on 11/15 in celebration of the first harvest of the year. Rosé’s lighter, fresh profile is similar to the description of Beaujolais Nouveau, so it’s no surprise that the Gamay grape would be a natural to produce high quality Rosé. The bottle features a label designed by Nashville, TN native Chloe Meyer, an emerging artist who won the honor this past May after entering the annual Georges Duboeuf competition to find original artwork for the Beaujolais Nouveau label. Available at your local wine shop.

FInal Bottle Shots from Winery TF.jpg

Le Vins Georges Duboeuf Pays d’Oc Collection
Le Vins Georges Duboeuf has just introduced four new varietal-specific wines from the Pays d’Oc region in Southern France. The Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes for each of the new value-priced wines come from vineyards using sustainable farming practices. Representing the best expressions of the varietal from the region, each of the four bottles feature a different native French wildflower that grows raw, natural, and undisturbed across the region. These labels are both a symbol of the Duboeuf’s enthusiastic endorsement of sustainability and craftsmanship. The Chardonnay label features the Yellow Gentian flower, Pinot Noir depicts the ubiquitous Red Poppy, Merlot highlights Cornflower, and Cabernet Sauvignon, Scabiosa. Collect all four “wildflower” designs to create a beautiful floral display on your holiday table. Available at your local wine shop.

If they love cocktails…

Egans VG Photo.jpg

Egan’s Vintage Grain
Just released last year, this smooth yet expressive Irish Whiskey is produced by the 5th and 6th generations of the whiskey-making Egan family. Made from aged whiskey distilled from a single grain spirit, it’s a new product that will be a welcomed addition to any collector’s library this year. Available at your local liquor shop.


The Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur Header

The Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur
Made from wild violet blossoms grown in the Alps, The Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur is one of my favorite liqueurs. I add a dash to Champagne for an elegant drink or mix it with other ingredients for whimsical cocktails. With a pretty, natural violet color The Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur pays homage to the delicate, wild flower in this modern, unique liqueur. Read more about it here. Available at your local liquor shop.


If they love wanderlust…


The Wanderlust Guide

I created a guide that helps home cooks stock their kitchen so they can make sumptuous, flavorful meals. Plus, they’ll be in the know for new products and ingredients I discover. Get it for yourself or a friend. Click here to purchase: Wanderlust in the Kitchen–The Introductory Guide



Euro Entertainer Box

Can’t make it to the Mediterranean for the holidays? You can still eat as though you’re there with the Euro Entertainer Box – an all-around tasting tour paired with the perfect Pacific Northwest accouterments. Click here to purchase: