Wanderlust in the Kitchen—The Introductory Guide

Is dinnertime becoming a tiresome chore? Yes, dinnertime. It can be a drag. What to make? How long will it take? You wonder if you should just go out to eat again—or order takeout.

Do you ever long for more in the kitchen? More taste, more flavor, more adventurous (and more satisfying) meals? Do you order takeout a little too often?

Maybe you find yourself thinking “I don’t know how to make something I’d actually like to eat.”

I’ve been in the same rut…busy taking care of my daughter, not knowing what to make, frustrated at the thought of what to serve night after night after night. Boring, bland food always makes me feel blah. Ordering takeout all the time just doesn’t feel healthy—or satisfying. Do you feel the same? Do you long for more enticing food? If so, this guide is going to help you!

Maybe you’re tired of the same old dinners you’ve been making lately…the boring chicken, the bland go-to pasta with sauce, or even kid-friendly food that’s making you feel absolutely blah about dinner. You long for more exciting meals, more adventurous flavors, more enticing meals.

I believe that when you add a touch of wanderlust to your kitchen, you can make sumptuous meals every day.

Cultivating wanderlust in the kitchen is easier than you think—and I am here to help you stock your kitchen for success.


I enjoy venturing around in search of ingredients to create new recipes. I visit Asian markets, Indian spice stores, Greek shops, Italian specialty stores, and many other—all with the mission of creating sumptuous meals. I also enjoy discovering cookware and cooking tools, which I will share with you.

With the “Wanderlust in the Kitchen Guide,” you can come along for the pleasurable experience of creating dishes inspired by my adventures–so you can make mouthwatering meals, too.

“Authentic, satisfying meals start with locally purchased ingredients. Tracey gives you great tips on finding these ingredients in New York City.” ―Emile Henry USA

What you’ll find in this introductory guide:

  • 8 basic (but not blah) staples
  • 6 staples (with recipes)
  • 11 must-have cookware and tools to create great meals
  • a resource guide for ordering ingredients and cookware
  • the basics you need to create your own version of wanderlust in the kitchen

While I’ve included recipes, I hope you’ll take these ingredients to create your own inspiring dishes.

Order the “Wanderlust in the Kitchen—The Introductory Guide” today so you can start making sumptuous meals every day!

Price: $24.99