Brooklyn Chocolate Tour


“Hershey’s, fuhggedaboutit.”

That’s what Tony Muia, the owner of A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours, announced on the inaugural Brooklyn Chocolate Tour. And was he ever right. The chocolate you’ll taste on this tour is without a doubt more mouth-watering than any mass-produced bar (or cake, sweet or treat) you’ll find at the drug store.

The adventures in chocolate start in Dumbo (after crossing the Manhattan Bridge), then it’s off to Cobble Hill, then Red Hook and finally, Sunset Park, all while being entranced by the mesmerizing scent and taste of chocolate.

And, as is the case with the Brooklyn Tours’ infamous Brooklyn Pizza Tour, there is more to the experience than expected. There are movie clips (a nod to Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory, informative videos about chocolate, tidbits about Brooklyn as it relates to chocolate, and more.

Yet like the pizza tour, the food is the focal point. As Tony says, “I live by chocolate. I’d rather have it than any other food.” His passion is infectious (if you didn’t love chocolate already), making the Brooklyn Chocolate Tour a must-try experience.


I won’t divulge the places you’ll visit (I don’t want to give away the magic of it all), but I want to share some of what you’ll eat and/or discover on the tour (subject to change of course):

The best chocolate cake, according to Oprah (and the chocolate cake fans who flock here)
Chocolate-covered blueberries (what a treat), from a renowned French pastry chef
A sublime cup of hot chocolate
Raw, organic, nut-free chocolate bars, all made in Red Hook
An incredible view of the Statue of Liberty, from a mostly unknown vantage point
One of NYC’s oldest, still running chocolatiers (the molds are incredible)
Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate
and lots of fun (of course)

After the last bites of chocolate, many of us experiencing a euphoric chocolate buzz, I couldn’t help but smile at what Inga, a tourist from Germany, said at the beginning of the tour. “A balanced diet is a piece of chocolate in each hand.” Indeed.

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