Women Dish: Dining with Karen Salmansohn

Karen Salmansohn is a bestselling author with over 1 million books sold. She is known for creating a new breed of books: “self help for people who would never be caught dead reading self help.” She has garnered numerous endorsements from such celebrities as Madonna, Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins and has been written up in countless publications, including the New York Times, Business Week, Time Magazine and Elle. She is also a columnist for numerous websites, including Oprah.com, Psychologytoday.com and Match.com and recently launched a new collection of art work. In fact, Karen has her first art exhibit tomorrow! (See below for details.)

To find out more about Karen, visit her web site. On a side note, Karen is the one who came up with the name The Busy Hedonist! Here she shares her NYC dining favorites with us.—Tracey Ceurvels

Tracey: What’s your favorite neighborhood restaurant?
Karen: Marquet, a cozy French Bistro kinda place, with yummy food, great coffee, warm waitresses/waiters, friendly owner, cool artwork on the walls, great music, a comfy neighborhood feeling, what’s not to love?

Tracey: Where do you like to dine out with friends?
Karen: Cafe Loup, it’s delicious food, plus the space is big enough to enjoy a table full of people without feeling like you’re crammed or being overheard

Tracey: What’s your favorite type of cuisine?
Karen: Super healthy food, which tastes so super you feel like it really can’t be healthy

Tracey: Where do you like to dine on special occasions?
Karen: Red Cat. I love their tempura green beans as an appetizer, even though it’s a side dish, and love pretty much everything on their menu. You could do menu I ching and just randomly point your finger anywhere on the menu and you will love what you pick to eat!

Tracey: What are some of your favorite dishes around the city?
Karen: I love the brussel sprouts with pomegranate at Mesa Grill.

Tracey: Where do you take out of town guests?
Karen: Gotham Bar & Grill, because not only is the food is wonderful, but how they present their food is, too. The plates of food are works of art to behold!

Tracey: Where do you like to go out to eat with your son?
Karen: I love Big Daddy Diner, because they have big booths, TV sets, helium balloons, friendly staff, and a fun and delicious menu

Tracey: What are your favorite food stores?
Karen: As a busy working mom, Fresh Direct is now my favorite way to shop for food!

Tracey: What are some of your standby dishes you like to cook at home on a regular night?
Karen: I love Italian food of any kind! I love experimenting with a marinara sauce – changing it up each time I make it.

Tracey: What’s in your refrigerator right now?
Karen: Mainly a bunch of Blue Print Cleanse bottles! I’m starting a cleanse this week! Ironic that I’m filling out a Q&A about food, while I’m starting a cleanse from food, huh? 🙂

Karen has her first art exhibit!
Thursday, July 14th
Resource Furniture
969 Third Avenue, 4th Floor
RSVP: [email protected]