Where to get the best sandwich in Soho

The window of Despana
The window of Despana
I have found the best sandwich shop in Soho. Last week, Baby S and I were walking around as we often do, and heading to the playground on Thompson Street. The bakery (I’ve forgotten the name but it used to be Sullivan Street Bakery) was out of the prosciutto arugula sandwich I was craving. But I had an idea. What about that Spanish place I’ve passed a million times? After playing on the swings we strolled over to Despana on Broome St. Despana is slightly off the beaten path for Soho, i.e. it’s not on a well-traveled block for shoppers and tourists. But if you like food from Spain, as in chorizo, churros and cheese (montenebro, cana de cabra, manchego!), Despana is a must. This small food shop packs in authentic Spanish goods to take home or bring to a dinner party, from olive oils to cured meats. But if you simply want to grab lunch, there are bocadillos (sandwiches), flautas (mini sandwiches) as well as pintxos (small bites), desserts and good coffee. My favorite of the flautas: The Castanas, with chestnut cream, goat cheese, salchicon and piquillo peppers. There are so many tempting sandwiches it’ll be hard to choose. The only drawback: it’s too small to sit and enjoy lunch so it’s best to get your bocadillos to go.

Despana/408 Broome St b/w Centre St & Cleveland Pl/212-219-5050

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