The Sweet Life


I have a thing for caramels, but I don’t like just any caramels. I like them made with fresh ingredients (i.e. not drugstore caramels). The Sweet Life has the best I’ve tasted, plus one of my favorite combinations: caramel with salt.

I also have a thing for high-quality baking chocolate, cashews (they sell ones flavored with curry), pistachios, tea, toffees… okay, the list of things I like that are packed into this minuscule corner candy store are many. My hubby visits just for the jelly rings, his childhood favorite. I’m certain that you, too, will find something at The Sweet Life that tickles your fancy; they even have sugar-free items for those who lean in that direction. It’s popular with tourists (The Tenement Museum is a few blocks north) and locals so there’s often not enough room to browse, but even if you stand in one place and simply turn in either direction you’re bound to find a perfect treat. Oh, and they ship if you can’t make it to the Lower East Side.

The Sweet Life/63 Hester St at Ludlow/212-598-0092