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The Food & Drink Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide

Basilippo Olive Oil

Not sure what to get those friends or family members who love a great meal, appreciate a bottle of wine and prefer artisanal chocolate over store bought? I’ve been on the hunt for some swoon-worthy and fun gifts and discovered quite a few gems for you to give your favorite food lover and drink lover.

Olive-Salted Chopin Vodka Martini

Sunday, June 18th, is both National Martini Day and Father’s Day. Let’s toast these occasions with a straight-up Olive-Salted Chopin Vodka Martini. It’s an easy-to-make at home cocktail. And what makes a great martini? In my opinion, it’s using a top-shelf, great-tasting vodka. Which is why I want to tell you about Chopin Potato Vodka;

Stock these! 8 surprising ingredients for quick dinners

What ingredients do you always keep stocked in your kitchen? For me, the standbys remain the same: olive oil, butter, stock, garlic, onions and wine. And of course lots of herbs and spices. Then, when I come home with fresh produce I can make some easily. But what else to keep on hand? Items to

Salt & Pepper

I love experimenting with different types of salt & pepper. Szechuan peppercorns are one of my favorite ways to add spice to a dish, and for breakfast I absolutely love truffle salt on scrambled eggs. Also, I just found out about salt bricks and plates that can be used as a unique way to display

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