Six degrees of separation at erbaluce

Photo courtesy of Christopher Draghi
A couple of weeks ago I had one of those “Facebook joins the past and the present” moments that many people have been experiencing. My BFF was in town from abroad with her husband so I drove from New York to Boston to see her, and for our young daughters to play and visit the Swan Boats. We met up with our lovely friend, Karen, with whom we used to work in the nineties. The restaurant we chose: erbaluce, which has been on my list of places to check out.

I used to work with erbaluce’s chef/owner (also in the nineties) and then Karen worked him later on (unbeknownst to me). Then because Facebook shows mutual friends, Karen and I realized we both know a woman in common (so random), and then to boot, my third grade teacher was dining at the next table! There were even more coincidences that evening, which honestly, living in the craziness of NYC now, I found very comforting. But let’s skip all that because I want to get to the food. I eat out all the time in New York, which can make a diner jaded. But I must say, Chef Draghi’s food was so surprising, so refreshing, and I am not saying that because I know him from way back when. Every dish I tasted contained fresh herbs, unique flavor combinations, strange juxtapositions that worked marvelously, plus Chuck’s special, magical touch. I urge you to stop in if ever you are in Boston. Please read my Q & A with Mr. Draghi, and you can get more details about erbaluce’s food (like the sunflower appetizer!) as well as the essence of the man behind the stove.

erbaluce/69 Church St/Boston/617-426-6969