Le Creuset

I was meandering around with Baby S today (we went to 3 playgrounds) and stopped into one of my favorite stores, The Broadway Panhandler. I’ve been eyeing this orange Le Creuset French oven for a while now, and I’d especially love it now since I plan on making a lot of stews and other dishes that require such a heavy, cast iron pan. Although I didn’t purchase it today (I wouldn’t have been able to carry it around and push the baby carriage) I am going to hint around to hubby that I’d like it as present for my birthday (which is in 2 days).

Stay tuned a.) to see if I receive one for my birthday, and if i do, then b.) for lots of recipes I’ll be making in this. Every Busy Hedonist home cook deserves one of these, so you should treat yourself, too.

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