Keste Pizza

Pizza at Keste

Pizza at Keste

Pizza…it’s one of those foods that New Yorkers revere as if it were a religion. Everyone has their pizza “temple” and tend not to stray from their dough, tomato and cheese house of worship. Like cult members, they’ll defend their “pie” as though it were sacred manna from the gods. There are other New Yorkers, like myself, who are always in search of the next best slice, which is how I ended up at Keste Pizza & Vino. After all the fuss and fanfare Keste has received since opening in the spring, it’s been on my radar. This narrow, cozy restaurant tucked on a busy block of Bleecker Street doesn’t serve usual New York “pie.” Rather it’s quintessential Neapolitan with soft, charred dough (not crunchy) that lovers of more typical pizza might not appreciate. But I dug right into the eponymous offering that’s topped with tomato, proscuitto, gran cru and arugula—and loved it. There are 18 varieties (no substitutions)—and I was also eyeing the pizza del re with truffle spread as well as the regina margherita, but those will have to wait until my next visit. Is it exalted enough to convert a devout follower of Grimaldi’s, Patsy’s, DiFara’s or Artichoke? Maybe not, but it’s definitely worth leaving your own pizza place of worship for one visit, at least.

Keste Pizza & Vino/271 Bleecker St/212-243-1500
Open Daily from 11:30am-12am

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