Adorable heart-shaped tea cups for Valentine’s Day

Are you still looking for Valentine’s Day gifts? My mom doesn’t know it yet (well if she reads this she will), but I got her these adorable tea cups for Valentine’s Day. She’s an afternoon tea drinker so I think she’ll love sipping her English breakfast tea out of one of these heart-shaped cups from Yedi Houseware. And I’m sure the coffee drinker in your life would love them as well.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. I just got my paycheck for the month, and I wanted to buy my folks something for valentine’s day or just to show them my appreciation for them. Have you ever tried Harry and David pears? I promise I’m not a spokesperson for them, but my roommate’s parents have been shipping us a box of pears the past two weeks, and these melt in your mouth. They’re delicious. I’ve had all sorts of pears, but never ones these soft and smooth. I love the teacups, but next time you’re in the food to give your mom something different, try harry and david’s pears =)

    also, did you see the v-day products on etsy? they’re terribly cute.