Gift basket for food lovers


One of my distinct memories of visiting Sardinia was sipping limoncello at a limoncello factory at ten in the morning, and that was after not eating breakfast. Not a good combination for a lightweight like myself. But I loved this rocky island, and took a lot of goodies home, including olive oil, honey and a few types of pane. Which is why it was nice to find out about these gift baskets from Sardinia. I’m not usually a fan of gift baskets; normally they’re dull and full of bland, unappetizing products. But Gourmet Sardinia offers baskets featuring different types of Sardinian honey, local wine, malloreddus sardi (teardrop-shaped pasta), bottarga, organic extra virgin olive oil, and pane carasau, (music bread)—all carefully selected by Chef Efisio Farris who was born in Sardinia. As the holidays approach, consider giving a gift your friends and colleagues will actually eat—and enjoy.

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