Fromage in all its glory

Cheese—milk’s leap toward immortality.—Clifton Paul Fadiman

I am heading to a holiday party on Saturday. I’ve been going over in my mind what to bring, wondering whether or not to bake or cook. The party is with my group of wine-drinking, fine food-loving friends, friends with whom I’ve traipsed around Paris and dined out at zillions of NYC restaurants. Which is to say I want to bring over something I know they’ll like and appreciate: cheese, specifically cheese from France.

Among this crowd, cheese is something to be savored and so I am planning on choosing wisely. After perusing Cheeses of France, my mouth was watering. I love how they’ve created cheese plates: holiday plate, coffee plate (which includes breakfast cheese), sparkling plate (to enjoy with Champagne of course) and one that piqued my interest, the grand plate.

En route to the party in Brooklyn Heights, I am stopping into Stinky Cheese on Smith Street, one of my favorite shops in Brooklyn.

I plan on getting a mix of cow, goat and sheep in a variety of styles and flavors—something for every taste. Personally, if I’m at a party and there’s cheese, crackers, cocktails and wine (and great people of course), I am a very happy camper.

What are you bringing to your next holiday party?

Skip the cupcakes and instead bring some cheese. If you’re stumped on what kind of cheese to buy, Cheeses of France offers tips on creating the perfect cheese plate.

Happy Holidays!