MAVEA filtered water pitcher

I just discovered a new water pitcher that I love much more than the Brita I used to use.

The Brita was somewhat annoying because of:

• Those little specks of black minerals that sometimes floated into the water
• The plastic date that indicated when you added the filter
• Its bulkiness

Then along came the MAVEA. Not only does the water taste better, but the water is also free of floating black minerals. And the best part is the digital time gauge, which tells you, by percentage, when you’re going to need a new filter. There’s also an opening on the top so there’s no need to remove the lid when adding water.

The very convenient digital gauge.

Now, instead of fumbling with the bulky Brita, I have a modern, sleek MAVEA that produces filtered water for my drinks (coffee, tea and plain water) and to add to recipes. And it doesn’t take up a lot of room in my overcrowded refrigerator. What a refreshing treat!

The MAVEA is available at
J & R/23 Park Row (across from City Hall Park/212-238-9000

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