Do you have a crackpot in your kitchen?

The crackpot makes cracking eggs super easy

Yes, a crackpot. Funny name, right? But very appropriate. This sleek yellow bowl with a white interior has a built-in egg crack blade and an ergonomic handle, which makes cracking eggs + whisking eggs super easy. Since we crack a lot of eggs in this house (my daughter loves scrambled egg whites; I love to bake; my husband loves making his infamous banana pancakes), it’s come in handy.

The crackpot holds up to a dozen eggs so if you happen to be making an angel food cake (which usually requires 12 egg whites), having friends over for Sunday brunch, or making scrambled eggs for the whole family, the crackpot is a must-have. It works perfectly well for smaller quantities, too.

Get cracking (cliche, I know…)

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