Wine & Cheese at Bar Jamon

The Cheese Plate at Bar Jamon

The Cheese Plate at Bar Jamon

Arriving early at Bar Jamon is a must because this wine bar near Union Square gets packed with after-work types, and standing up while trying to enjoy wine and cheese is neither fun nor enjoyable. I’m glad we arrived early enough to get the best seat in the house: the coveted window seat, which the waiter was kind enough to point out to us. If there is such a concept as a perfect snack, it can be found at Bar Jamon. Cheese plate. Charcuturie. Chorizo. House cured tuna. And don’t get me going on the unbelievable wine list (it’s award-winning for a multitude reasons), which includes over 600 bottles. All budgets are taken into consideration because you can easily spend $40 or $600. Our choice: Clos d’Agon (which is also served in a small carafe) a blend of Viognier, Roussanne and Marsanne that add up to a striking white. For cheese choose from a list of cow, goat and sheep; naturally we picked one of each. I love when restaurants serve their cheese with condiments (Queso con condimento), and our selections were paired with orange, apple with mustard seeds (my favorite) and rhubarb (they were out of the figs which was our first choice). Wine and cheese—this is my kind of early evening summer snack. And despite the crowds that can make Bar Jamon a nuisance, it’s worth a visit.

Bar Jamon/125 E 17th St, east of Irving Place/212-253-2773

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