Banana Pancakes


In the kitchen my husband is the master of breakfast. I call him my personal diner cook because in the morning I can simply approach the kitchen door and give him a breakfast order—and if we have all the ingredients, he’ll make what I wish. As luck would have it, he also LOVES to do the grocery shopping so if we’re missing an ingredient, he’s been known to run to the supermarket for it mid recipe, with pans hot, teapots whistling and bread waiting to be toasted. And though he usually makes everything from scratch, he recently bought Highland Sugarworks buttermilk pancake mix at Whole Foods and whipped up pancakes with bananas. Oh yes, caramelized bananas—with European butter, with maple syrup from Vermont, the state where we married. Who’s a lucky woman? Oh yes, that would be me.

For more information, visit Highland Sugarworks. They also sell maple syrup.

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