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BriheadshotAs a mom who runs her full time, fully awesome business from home, time is of the essence! And yet, I craved nourishing traditions—getting my hands off a key board and onto fresh seasonal fruits and veggies. I love the alchemy of cooking and have known for a long time that it’s a wonderful way to unwind after a day of work. But I HATED planning menus and I often found myself at the grocery store standing in the middle of an aisle and wondering: what am I doing for dinner this week?” Tracey saved me (and my family is eternally grateful). She creates sumptuous & simple dinner menus for every weeknight. She taught me how to make my own salad dressing and I’ve never gone back. We have feasted on the freshest food available all year and it’s all because of her. I signed up for both her menu and shopping lists which have made dinner planning the sensuous delight it should be. You want to cook, you want to shop smart, you want to be in touch with the seasons? Then you need Tracey—it’s that simple and one of the best investments I’ve made.

Bri Saussy of Milagro Roots

I subscribe to and LOVE Tracey’s Busy Hedonist Weekly Dinner plan. Owning a lot of cookbooks and having a decent grasp of nutrition doesn’t always translate to being an effective menu planner. Tracey’s menus have made up twelvefold for my lack of imagination when it comes to my dinner plans. She’s been amazing to work with, fully customizing menus and shopping lists to my preferences. She is inventive, reliable and always open to feedback. I highly recommend enlisting her help to pull you out of any dinner planning rut.

Crystal Ebert

Thank you so much Tracey! Everything I’ve tried has been so good and easy to do. My husband in particular thanks you 🙂
Emily B.

Sue Ann_red_2943-200x300

As a culinary nutritionist and entrepreneur, always busy navigating the loops and curls of my life and my business, I found these recipes fresh, wholesome and exactly what I needed for my own nourishment. The best part is not having to think about what I am going to cook and placing the planning (and grocery list) in the capable hands of a fellow foodie who cooks with fresh, seasonal ingredients and has the same culinary curiosity. I’m eager to share this extraordinary service with both my clients and my friends. Their lives will be so much richer with the meal planning covered. And who doesn’t need a little self-indulgence?

Sue Ann Gleason
Conscious Bites Nutrition
Chocolate for Breakfast

Tracey has helped me implement easy and elegant menus at home. Since I am a busy mom, business owner and live a global life style, I often entertain a diverse group of friends and family from all over the world. And Tracey’s menu’s have be a key element in my success. I have queried her to create menus for traditional eastern dishes, where exotic spices are abundant to traditional thankgiving dinners with a twist, to simple menus I can use everyday! Tracey’s experience with food is remarkable and she has the unique gift of empowering everyone to create the most sophisticated meals at home, bringing the best of of New York all over the world!

Dr. Nasrine Shah-Abushakra
Wassla Weekly

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