Kid’s Menu

“What’s to eat?” is a popular question when you have kids. While some children gobble up whatever’s put in front of them, for others, the kitchen can become a battle field. Thinking about what to serve can be stressful: What should I cook? Are my kids getting the proper nutrients? How can I stop serving the same dishes over and over?

There is more to feeding our children than chicken nuggets and mac n’ cheese out of a box along with apple and carrot slices. With only a bit more effort than sticking frozen nuggets into the oven, it can be easy, fun and rewarding to feed the kids in our lives. We’ll add the perfect twist to the classics: PB & J, Pancakes, Bacon n’ Eggs, Grilled Cheese, Spaghetti and Meatballs and Pizza, to name a few, and create fun meals along the way. With the availability of fresh, organic and interesting ingredients there’s never been a better time to make mealtime fun time.

Join me and my daughter Sabrina as we venture around NYC and elsewhere discovering recipes and ingredients to take home and prepare together. You’ll discover new recipes to make, new techniques to try, and new ingredients to incorporate into your weekly meals, all while having fun in the kitchen.

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