A visit to Titan Foods {Baked shrimp salad with orzo + ouzo}


The wonders of Titan Foods, a Greek Supermarket in Astoria, are many.

Walk in and you might feel you’ve ended up in Greece, not Queens, thanks to the Greek music playing overhead, the blue and white flags, and of course the food, most of which is imported straight from Greece.

What you’ll love about Titan Foods:

The variety of feta cheese. You won’t find that bland crumbled—dare I say absolutely tasteless?—packaged supermarket feta at Titan. Plus, they sell kasseri, haloumi (so good grilled), keflotiti and other Greek cheese.

The olive bar, with vats of 10 different kinds from Kalamata to olives stuffed with almonds, lemon or garlic.

Dips. If you don’t feel like making your own, you can get tzatziki (that dreamy garlicky, yogurt dip, taramosalata (salty roe), skordalia (potato and garlic), and moustalevria (a dip made from grape must). Pick up some fluffy pita bread (and olives and cheese) and you could have an impromptu party with mezze.

Other discoveries: sour cherry syrup, which I add to soda I make in my SodaStream, ouzo-flavored soda, also good in homemade drinks, Greek beer, coffee, olive oil, honey, phyllo dough to make my own wrapped items, orzo (in the recipe below), and beauty products from Greece.

If you’re in the mood for all things Greek, you’ll definitely enjoy a visit to Titan foods. Be sure to stop by the bakery for some baklava or galaktaboureko.

Titan Foods
25-56 31st Street
Astoria, NY 11102


You can find out about other specialty food stores in iFoodShop: A Food Lover’s Guide to Shopping in NYC. It’s my labor of love that I created to share my love of NYC’s food shops with you.


For this recipe I loosely followed a recipe by Ina Garten, with my own added flair: I incorporated cumin, coriander and ouzo.

I like to make this on Sunday and then have it for lunch during the week, or with a green salad for a quick dinner.

[gmc_recipe 5195]

  1. Tracey, you always have the most unique recipes and such amazing little places to seek out the ingredients. 🙂 I do love orzo salad, but I confess I buy mine at Whole Foods. I think I am going to have to make this one for me! <3

  2. I totally wish I lived in NYC to visit Titan Foods. It sounds like a really cute place to shop. As always your recipes look delicious! I love orzo salads and will have to try this (minus the shrimp…I’m not a shrimp fan). Can’t wait to try it!

  3. I grew up in Bayside, not far from Astoria. It was a LONG time ago, but back then I don’t think there were any Greek markets in “the hood.”
    The recipe sounds delish.

  4. Oh Greek food!!! Sounds like an amazing market! And another delicious recipe 🙂 I love your adventures, and feel inspired to go a-hunting for more cool and unique places around my city! YUMMY!

  5. Sounds soooo delicious, and healthy too! Greek foods (and others in that world region) are amazing on many levels, and reading your story and recipe make me more determined to visit Greece one day!

  6. What a great find, Tracey! My BFF is from NYC, and she’s Greek, but I don’t think she knows of Titan (she left NYC when she was a little girl). She’s headed there this week so I am sending her your post! Thanks l:)

  7. Tracey, your description of Feta cheese (et al), the olive bar, dips, and other discoveries made me want to have a Big Fat Greek Wedding — and I’m already married. What a wonderful market! I also like your cook-ahead philosophy for this salad. The flavors must be incredible as they meld.

  8. I’m always inspired to get into the kitchen and be more creative after reading one of your blogs.

    It’s so easy to find myself in my usual routines and you are just the kick start I need. And I love to vicariously go to the shops with you. Although not in your neck of the woods, it does inspire me to go looking for the unusual when I get into Seattle.

    Thank you!

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