Dragonfire Cocktail from Spice & Ice by Kara Newman

For over a week I was surrounded by dragons. My neighborhood, on the edges of NYC’s Chinatown, was in the midst of Chinese New Year celebrations. Festivities have since ceased, but for a while dancing dragons passed by my building, manned by members of karate schools and cultural associations, clanking cymbals and banging on drums.

So it was only natural that for the virtual cocktail party I was invited to (by cocktail goddess Kara Newman, author of Spice & Ice), I’d make the Dragonfire Cocktail. And it didn’t hurt that I recently received the main ingredient as a gift: a bottle of Tequila straight from Mexico.

His & Hers Dragonfire Cocktails

His & Hers Dragonfire Cocktails

My cocktail party was an intimate one: my husband and me. We waited until our toddler went to sleep. Normally the second she goes to bed, I become burnt toast, but I was excited to sip this spice-infused cocktail, even if it knocked me out. Which it did. (Not that that’s what will happen to you.)

I’d already infused the tequila with jalapenos for several hours, so I gathered up the additional ingredients and made two Dragonfire Cocktails.

The verdict: Hot stuff, but not overly so. This is a potent drink, yet it was smooth to drink.

Indeed I did go to sleep shortly after drinking the Dragonfire, but this night was different, for I enjoyed the lingering taste of jalapeno, lime and orange. The copious amounts (for me) of tequila acted as a potent sleeping elixir. Even if a real dragon had passed by my window that night, I’m certain I wouldn’t have heard it.

Dragonfire Cocktail
From Spice & Ice by Kara Newman

2 oz. jalapeno-infused tequila, or vodka
1 oz. Triple Sec
1 oz. orange juice
1 oz. lime juice
1 lime wedge, for garnish

Make the Dragonfire
In a cocktail shaker, combine jalapeno-infused tequila*, triple sec, orange juice, and lime juice, plus ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a tall glass with fresh ice.

*To make jalapeno-infused tequila: add 1 jalapeno to 2 cups tequila. Infuse for at least 2 hours, then remove jalapeno.

If you’d like to discover additional spicy cocktail recipes, such as the Wasabi-tini or the Watermelon Hot, check out Kara Newman’s book: Spice & Ice: 70 Tongue-Tingling Cocktails

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