The Slayer Espresso Machine at RBC: only $18,000

The Slayer Espresso Machine at RBC: only $18,000

New Yorkers are known to be on the lookout for the next best thing, and that’s certainly the case with coffee. There can never be too many odes to caffeine in our high-adrenalin city and lives. Those jones-ing for a buzz (myself included) have yet another option for a high-caliber cup: RBC NYC in Tribeca. With their extra special Slayer Espresso machine that costs $18,000 (notably the only one on the East Coast; you can read more about the machine here), the baristas at RBC are brewing beans from a variety of roasters, not just one as is often the case at other coffee shops. Their current brew: fair trade beans from Dallis Coffee in Queens and The Brown Coffee Company. But they, like the rest of us coffee fans, are keeping their taste buds on high alert for other amazing beans.

RBC NYC/71 Worth St at Church St/212-226-1111

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