Hot chocolate at City Bakery

hot chocolate

Simply saying the word chocolate is intoxicating to her. Her face lights up with a wide smile, those hazel eyes twinkle and then she coos, bird-like, with an inimitable “Ooooohh.” My husband is the guilty one. He’s given her tiny morsels of chocolates he buys at The Sweet Life. When he takes a piece out of the box, our daughter runs to him with the above affectations. They learn young, toddlers, discovering what they like and what they do not. It’s that simple.


So now we’re at City Bakery for the month long hot chocolate festival that takes place every February. Her face lights up again, this time for rich, creamy, decadent hot chocolate with a singular but oversized homemade marshmallow that floats on top like a cloud. We are here on Earl Grey tea hot chocolate day, a marriage of two appealing flavors that’s like candy melted on your tongue. Other flavors, like banana peel, creamy stout and bourbon make their appearance throughout the month. I’m curious about the “happy” hot chocolate as well as the “ode to the polar bear,” so just might have to return.

“Ooooohh” indeed.

Homemade marshmallows

Homemade marshmallows

City Bakery/3 West 18th St near 5th Ave/212-366-1414
Visit City Bakery for more hot chocolate festival details.

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