Honest Tea

New York was hot today, nearly 90 degrees, the kind of day that can wear you out if you walk a lot as I do. And when I was out and about with my very active toddler, I got thirsty. Not one for drinks one buys at corner delis (all that high fructose corn syrup is a turnoff!), I couldn’t resist this: the half iced tea, half lemonade by Honest Tea, a true thirst quencher in my opinion. Ice tea/lemonade, also known as an Arnold Palmer, is a favorite of mine.

Honest Tea prides itself on being “just a tad sweet,” which is their tag line. Some of their drinks are unsweetened (a welcome rarity), but those that are use real cane sugar and much less of it than other beverages. In the half and half, they use organic and fair trade black tea. Other flavors include mango green tea, peach white tea, pomegranate white tea, Moroccan mint, just black and many others. I highly recommend seeking out Honest Tea next time you’re looking for a not-overly-sweet thirst quencher.

Visit Honest Tea’s web site for more information. I like their philosophy of sugar page.

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