How to make Caesar salad {with spicy croutons}

This Caesar salad has a kick of heat in it from the croutons.

How easy it is to make Caesar Salad

Caesar salad, so ubiquitous in Italian restaurants, was actually created in Mexico, though by an Italian immigrant named Caesar Cardini. It was introduced in New York City in the Forties at Gilmore’s Steak House on East 48th St between 3rd and Lex. (Check out these matches from Gilmore’s.)

Once you make your own Caesar salad I’m certain that the next time your order one in a restaurant, you’ll find it bland. These homemade croutons that you are going to make, plus freshly-made dressing, and a good chunk of Parmesan make all the difference.

What you’ll need at a glance:
romaine lettuce (for its crunchy texture)
anchovy paste
Worcestershire sauce
mayonnaise (the original calls for raw egg but I recommend mayonnaise)
cayenne pepper

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