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Words are magical, transformative, inviting. They convey what you mean, what you feel, what you hope to achieve.

The words on your web site—your bio, your sales page, your about section—have an impact on those who stop by. Will they stay and read more? Will they bookmark you? Follow you on Twitter, and Instagram, and Facebook? Will you create a following?

Or, will they leave, off to another web site in search of that “something” they are seeking?

You want to attract the right customers, the right fans, the right audience. But how? How do you capture their attention?

This can achieved in many ways. Visuals are often the first element that’s noticed. But words draw them in even deeper. It’s your impression on others, the who and what of your mission. It’s how people can get to the gist of who you are and how you can help them.

I believe that through words, you can serve, help, and prosper.

What is your mission?
What do you stand for?
What do you want to convey?
Who do you want to attract?

I can and want to help you figure these things out.

I know how hard it can: You open up a blank page and stare at it, wishing the words would come. You’d rather do anything than write that about page, your bio, your offering.

But writing is one of my favorite activities, and I want to help you achieve your goals.

I’ve been writing web site copy, ads, brochures, sales pages, bios, direct mail pieces, product descriptions, speeches, and a variety of other projects for over 10 years. My clients include: Vogue, Condé Nast Traveler, The NY Times, Stella Artois, J.Crew, The New York Times, The Federal Reserve Bank of NY, law firms, and many clients with their own companies.

I write. You prosper.

I will show you how I can capture your mission, your essence, through words that will leave an impact.

These are some ways I can be of service to you:

Your Brand Mission in One Sentence
Strong brands have a clear, succinct message, something they believe in with passion, something that will help their customers and draw them in. This must come before everything else you are creating. When you believe in it, so will they. I will help you create your powerful sentence that will give you the clarity you need.
Investment: $200

About You/Bio
Your bio is meant to serve others, not show off your accolades (though we will include those, too). There’s a secret I learned about bios just this past year and I will implement this concept into yours.
Investment: $400

Sales Page
The holy grail for your business. It’s the way you make money. You want it to shine, sparkle and speak to the right people. You want it to invite, entice, and ultimately bring people on board. I will make yours sing.
Investment: $800

About Your Business Page
Akin to the bio, there is something most people miss when they put this together. I will work my magic on your “about” page.
Investment: $600

Blog Posts
I want to get you moving in the right direction. I want to help you bring in the people who are looking for you now. Blog posts are meant to support your mission. You can pour your heart out but you can be strategic, too.
Investment: $300 for one post; $800 for 3 posts.

Social Media
Consistency is key. Openness helps, along with doses of inspiration.
I can specially craft a document unique only to you with words and phrases to use throughout all of your social media so that when someone lands on one of your posts, they will know it’s you and they will feel welcome and understood.
Investment: $400

The Write + Prosper Full Package

An entire site plus 3 blog posts + social media to get you going. $3000

Other ways I can help you:

Quick Editing/Revising
One of my favorite pastimes is revising others’ copy. I’ll twist it around and transform it until it sparkles. You won’t recognize the transformation—in a good way.
Investment: $75 per page

Do you have another project in mind? Contact me so we can explore the options. I can help you with all your writing needs.

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