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Do you love to write but feel frustrated with getting words down on the page? Does all the blogging you need to do for your business bring you down? Does the thought of crafting yet another sales page make you shudder?

I’m Tracey, a writer, journalist, business owner and blogger—and I’m here to help you tweak your writing so it goes from blah to blissful. Call me a bewitching writer/editor, because I’ll work your writing notes (even the ones in your head) into a magic web of gorgeous prose no one will be able to resist.

Is this you?
• You’re frustrated with all those blog posts you want to write and need some help
• You’d like to submit guest blog posts but can’t seem to get it together
• You’d like to pitch your products/biz to a newspaper, web site or magazine but can’t wrap your mind around a press release
• Your pitches are getting ignored
• You’ve put the effort into taking a few writing classes, yet you still can’t bring it all together
• You desperately want to find ways to make money through your writing…because this is your calling, your dream

• You love to write but simply need some extra help with an article, document, press release, blog post or other writing assignment.

I’m glad you’re here because I used to be frustrated, too. Four years ago I was home with my infant wondering how I was going to make money working for myself while juggling feedings, playdates and walks to the park.

But I’ve studied, discovered new techniques, learned new ways to be a writer because my journalism and literature degrees seem so dated now (those old-fashioned days of journalism are certainly turning asunder now, aren’t they?) and now I travel around the world, ghost write, create recipes, dine out (and get paid to write abut it), write, write, write some more—and like magic make an income at it.

I’d LOVE to help you with your writing. I’m here to help you transform your interest in writing from one of confusion to one that brings you fun and financial freedom. These days, whether you want to actually be a full-time writer or you are an entrepreneur who needs to write, those words on your Macbook Air are of utmost importance: it’s how we get our message out to our following, our tribe.

Together we’ll explore the endless possibilities of how words, beautiful sentences and stirring stories will help you form a prosperous career doing what you love.

With my wide variety of resources + fresh, modern ideas, I can work with you to get your writing to a place of comfort and ease—and most importantly, results. Whether you’re incredibly stuck or just want to hone your work and optimize it, we’ll work together to make your writing shine. Our work together will be a 2-way street, dear one.

But, fear not. If a 1-way street is more your style and you don’t want to write at all (frustrating, frustrating, I know), and want to hire me to write for you, visit my copywriting site.

Through a Write + Prosper coaching session, I can help you with:

• discovering your unique voice
• finding your exact niche—one that excites you
• writing for others
• the ins + outs of pitching
• creating/writing an app to bring in passive income
• building a money-making blog for your writing
• blogging for yourself, as well as guest posts
• merging the parts of your life you love into a prosperous + fun writing career
• …and more

So if you feel like your writing needs a new direction (i.e. more moolah in your pocket; more fun in your life), then click here. I can help you revamp the scope of your writing so you can start seeing results.

I am open to working with you no matter what you enjoy (and you should absolutely enjoy the subjects you’ll write about). Click here to see how we can work together.

And if you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a travel writer, please check out the home study course: Fly Away Travel Writing Class.

Get in touch today so we can start charting a new course for your writing.

Stop worrying about your writing + start chasing after your dreams, oh lovely one.


Write + Prosper: Sessions to get you from frustrated to flourishing

Let’s get your writing moving along…

How we can work together:

Email Consultations
For beginners + beyond

In this super efficient mode to figuring out your writing goals, we’ll communicate via unlimited emails for a designated period. This makes perfect sense, because we’re working on the written word—chitchatting just isn’t going to get words on paper.

I’ll answer any questions you have, from where to pitch to how to create an income-producing blog to helping you craft a story, sales page, bio, blog post or whatever is in that dear heart of yours. I’ll offer tips, tools and resources to get you going. I’ll edit, critique and offer suggestions. This is a great way to begin to delve into your writing psyche—and turn that from frustrating to flourishing.

Email away!

1-Week: $135
2-Weeks: $250 (save $20!)
4-Weeks: $475 (save $65!)


Email Consultation

Only one word can describe Tracey Ceurvels: AMAZING. I recently participated in one of her “Write + Prosper: Email Consultations.” For a week, I wrote question after question to her. I’m new to the freelance writing world, so I had some questions that experienced freelance writers may laugh at, but not Tracey. She answered all of my questions thoroughly and without judgment.Tracey not only supplied me with several ideas, she worked with me on my own ideas and helped me turn them into a reality. All thanks to Tracey, before the end of the week, I was in contact with a couple of editors and one editor that may hire me as a staff writer. I met Tracey and knew her to be a successful food and travel writer, so when the week started I was a little skeptical on how she could help me because my topic of choice has always been sports. I am here to tell everyone, no matter what topic you write about, Tracey can help you. Tracey has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to freelance writing. I am so thankful to have met and to have trained under her. The lessons she has taught me will last a lifetime, the contacts she has given me and the knowledge she has passed on to me can only help further my new career as a freelance writer. I highly recommend Tracey’s “Write + Prosper” sessions. If you’re serious about being a freelance writer, this is one investment you NEED to make.
Brittany L. Morgan, Journalist

Private Phone Consultation
Does speaking over the phone work better for you?

I offer phone coaching for whatever writing dreams you have, and how to achieve them. Prior to the call I will email you a list of questions.

Investment: $200 an hour, which includes follow-up emails


I look forward to working with you.


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