On-the-go wine decanter

When I started writing about food and restaurants, I decided I’d never write about wine. And that is not to say I don’t like wine, because actually I love it. (And my birthday is in a couple of days, so I will be drinking one of my favorites!)

But wine is its own universe, with so much to discover, that I’ll leave that to the experts. But I do love bringing wine to dinner parties. It’s the perfect (and easiest) gift for the host. So if you’re inclined to bring a bottle to a friend’s house for dinner, why not carry this portable wine decanter with you, too? (I did over the weekend, and it was a hit!) Or better yet, give one to the dinner host. The Soirée Wine Decanter fits right into the bottle and aerates the wine as it’s being poured. This is definitely a hedonistic accessory for any wine lover, and at $19 it’s not expensive.

Since I don’t quite understand how it all works, read more about the Soirée Wine Decanter on their web site. Or you can purchase one on Amazon:

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