Toma cheese from Di Palo’s

I am going to say something I’ve already said here: I’m so glad I live near Di Palo’s Fine Foods. If ever I were to move, this is one place in the neighborhood that I would miss.

Take the case of this cheese. I was eyeing it and asked one of the very friendly owners (who are brothers) for a taste. Passionate about cheese, of course he obliged. And fortunately for me, it was a steamy hot day and the store wasn’t crowded as usual. The Toma Piemontese, a soft cow’s milk cheese from the Piedmont region of Italy, is so incredibly creamy and buttery I couldn’t resist buying some to take home. There’s nothing like having good cheese to nibble on throughout the day as I play with my daughter.

Toma Piemontese is flown in from Italy and is available at:

Di Palo’s Fine Foods/200 Grand St (at Elizabeth)/212-226-1033

And you can always go next door for a bottle of wine.

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  1. I couldn’t have described the Toma Piemontese cheese better myself! Pair the creamy Toma with the peppery aroma of our hot Soppresatta ( for a balanced combination that is sure to leave your taste buds more than satisfied. Try another one of my favorites, the Pecorino Foglie di Noce (, a tangy cheese wrapped in walnut leaves for further aging. And if you aren’t lucky enough to live near the store, order the Toma Piemontese and the rest of DiPalo’s authentic Italian products online at
    Happy Eating,
    DiPalo Selects