The NYC Kitchen Philosophy

Eat real food. Invite a friend over for dinner. Drink your favorite wine. Sip Prosecco for no special reason. Cook dinner for your loved ones. Write in your journal. Seek out amazing dining experiences. Live your ideal dat. Partake in rituals like Sunday dinner. Break the rules. Bake from scratch. Enjoy your favorite restaurant on a Tuesday. Cook with seasonal ingredients. Read only what moves you. Unsubscribe. Book that dream trip today. Clear out the clutter. Visit Italy for a month. Bake your favorite cookies. Light candles. Feel free. Experience the Amazon River. Meet friends for lunch at new hotspot. Live according to your own rules. Explore a new city. Buy only the best ingredients. Splurge. Light candles. Spend a day at your favorite museum. Rent an apartment in Paris. Play your favorite music. Buy a box of chocolates for no reason. Head to the farmer’s market. Say no to the mediocre and yes to the great. Try a new ingredient. Seek out an amazing cup of coffee. Make a miracle board (they work!). Wear your favorite dress. Hug your loved ones. Book a massage. Keep your favorite tin of tea stocked. Make every day a special occasion. Create your own career. Drink fresh green juice and fine red wine. Be a duality. Write a letter to a loved one. Break out your favorite dishes. Don’t wait for later. Dream big!

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