The Gratitude Cookie

Give a Zen-like gift: The Gratitude Cookie

Give a Zen-like gift: The Gratitude Cookie

Today was the kind of day to stay home and bake, but I was so busy catching up on other things, standing in my kitchen wasn’t an option. So I was thrilled (my toddler was, too) that a box of cookies from Zen Rabbit seemed to have appeared on my desk like magic. On first bite, The Gratitude Cookie tasted simple, and indeed it is. But often the best foods have a purity to them, and these cookies are in that higher realm. These buttery, crisp sugar cookies are made with only natural ingredients, including real butter, pure vanilla, soymilk and egg whites from cage-free chickens.

Since it’s gift-giving season, why not send someone (family members, office mates, teachers, your boss or employees?) The Gratitude Cookie. The recipient will enjoy the buttery/sugary goodness, but that’s not all: According to the website, there are other positive attributes:

• When you’re eating the cookies, we encourage you to think about something you’re grateful for as you bite into each one.
• Giving a box to someone is a great way to show appreciation

For more information, visit Zen Rabbit Cookies.

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