Tea forte iced tea

I’m always raving about tea here on my blog. It’s truly one of my favorite drinks. While I used to be addicted to the iced tea at my neighborhood bakery, lately I’ve been experimenting at home with various blends and brands, which is how I came across this new tea-over-ice brewing pitcher set by Tea Forté. Instead of brewing tea and then waiting for it to cool down, this does so at the outset. As you can see from the photos, you pour hot water over the tea that sits in a heat-resistant container that sits on top of another pitcher containing ice. Wait a few minutes and then pour the tea into the ice-filled bottom pitcher. And voila—a refreshing cup of “flash-chilled” iced tea. A great gift to bring to someone’s summer party (or to keep for yourself).

Tea Forté sells five kinds of iced tea: lavender citrus, pomegranate blackberry, raspberry nectar, white ginger pear and my favorite in this list, ceylon gold. (As much as the other flavors are appealing, for me, a super busy mom, caffeine is a must!)

For more information on this unique brewing pitcher, visit Tea Forté. And I just read on their site that since it’s National Iced Tea month, they’re offering a special for the entire month of June.

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