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Bouillabaisse {Dinner with friends}

One of my favorite activities is cooking for—and eating dinner with—friends. And one of the biggest compliments is when the friends gobble up the food. There were no leftovers and so the bouillabaisse was a success. I made the broth with salmon bones the fishmonger gave me, shallots, fennel, white wine, garlic, saffron and orange

3 Recipes with Saffron {those beautiful orange-gold threads}

There’s something alluring about saffron. The orange-gold threads often sold in a tiny glass bottle seem like something to treasure, not eat. But watch a few threads of saffron sizzle in olive oil, melt away in a tomato-based sauce or disappear in a fish broth and you might find yourself mesmerized. Centuries ago, saffron was

Holding my breath above water {Chinese 5-spice pumpkin risotto with goat cheese}

There is always a moment, it’s when she goes under water, that I hold my breath along with her. I hold it until her head pops back up to the surface. It’s what I do when I watch my daughter while she’s at swim class—a mother’s watchful eye. For five and half nurturing years she’s

The space between {flatbread with figs, prosciutto + gorgonzola}

Fig, prosciutto, gorgonzola flat bread

I had lunch with a friend the other day—we’ve been friends for over 20 years and have witnessed many chapters of each others’ lives. Currently we’re both finding ourselves in new chapters (perhaps new stories altogether). He’s already made progress in his new story while I still have a mostly blank page before me, with

For the love of corn {Interview with Lisa Skye of I Love Corn}

Happy (almost) 4th of July. Since corn from the local farms will soon be at its peak (I get mine from the Union Square Greenmarket), I thought you’d enjoy meeting Lisa Skye, whose favorite food is—yes!—corn. Lisa Skye is a multi-talented woman: she’s a director in the Manhattan Business Network International, involved in NYC real

A stellar turkey burger from Wicked Good Burgers {The choices we make}

Life is the sum of the choices we make. My parents and niece came to visit to watch little S dance at her creative ballet performance. (My sister could not come because she’s 8 1/2 months pregnant.) They took the train down for the day and while they were here I got a tiny pang

The magic of mushrooms {3 recipes for the forager in you}

Humble, earthy mushrooms; they’re a favorite of mine—and I love them all, from the fragrant morels (which will be in season soon) to hen of the woods (which happen to have amazing health benefits). They add a rich I love adding mushrooms to a variety of dishes, so I’ve been trying to get S to

Cookbook Love: How to Build a Better Pie

Cake or pie…doesn’t it seem that dessert lovers have their favorite? Well if your answer is pie (I’m partial to both), then I urge you to get this book so you can start baking for your next holiday party: How to Build a Better Pie by pie baker extraordinaire Millicent Souris. Souris, who teaches pie

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