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Chicken Chorizo Chickpea Stew with Smoked Paprika

Paprika comes in three main forms—sweet, hot, and smoked—but my absolute favorite is the smoked version, also known as pimenton. Made from peppers that are smoked, dried and then ground, smoked paprika is very different from its sweet and hot counterparts. Pimenton adds earthy, pungent, rich, smokey dimensions to this Spanish-inspired stew.

An Easy Beef Stew Recipe

It’s finally fall, my absolute favorite time of year. This is when I bring out the Le Creuset Dutch Oven and start making hearty dishes, like this humble and easy beef stew recipe. While the recipe is super easy, it does require some improvisation on your part, mainly when it comes to what liquid you’ll use. You

Cod stew with tomatoes + saffron

Although this stew contains cod, it’s actually hearty with the addition of potatoes and chickpeas. I spiced it up with some cayenne pepper. I actually added more than the recipe requires, and you can do the same if you like it hot + spicy. One thing I love about stews is that you can add

Chicken chorizo stew

I love cooking with what I can find in my cabinet and refrigerator. I don’t have to get stressed about running to the store for a certain ingredient. Which is why I believe having a well-stocked pantry is key to getting dinner on the table, especially when there’s a young love bug, aka my toddler,

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