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Aida Snacks & Party Food


It’s always nice to bring something over to a friend’s house. While a bottle of wine is generally a good option, why not bring something else along with it? And I’ve found something I think you’ll enjoy. There is an adorable wine bar in the East Village called Lois. If you’ve ever been to Lois

Instilling a sense of adventure {and snacks to take along}

I’m instilling in her a sense of adventure. At least I hope so. Not that I’d push it, but my 5-year old daughter seems to love what I plan (and don’t plan, which is often when the real fun happens). What is life if it’s not an adventure? That’s my philosophy. She has a kids’

8 items for your kitchen {It’s the simple things}

I’m sitting at my dining room table typing this. My feet are up. I’m listening to the French Cafe channel on Pandora, and I’m sipping a non-alcoholic Kir Royale. My dining room table often serves as my desk because so much of my actual work involves being in the kitchen. Take today: I’m writing this

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