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Orange Ginger Salmon Phyllo Tart Drizzled with Peanut Sauce


A Phyllo Dough Tart is the Perfect Canvas for Whatever Flavors Strike Your Fancy Phyllo dough is one of my favorite base ingredients with which to cook, which is why I always keep a few boxes from Athens Foods stocked in my freezer. It’s akin to a canvas and you can add whatever strikes your

Grilled Ginger Salmon with Pineapple Chipotle Glaze

Melissa Cookston, the only female barbecue champion in the world, has shared a tangy, spicy recipe for grilled ginger salmon with us from her cookbook Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room. It’s an easy dinner to make as long as you marinate the fish and make the sauce ahead of time. Serve with rice and grilled

Salmon with roasted spring vegetables

The bulb of the fennel plant is an absolute favorite ingredient of mine, and when roasted with tomatoes, onions and peas, it turns into a savory stew that stands up to the flakey lemony salmon. This is one of those dishes that’s incredibly easy to make if you’re doing a million other things, and you

Salmon with mustard cream sauce

Mustard cream is one of my favorite sauces for salmon. I absolutely love the flavor of mustard, its pungency and the way it adds a bite to the cream. And any time you have mustard and cream, you have to add wine and shallots. They all just work together so nicely over the mildness of

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