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5 Fun Easter Recipes to Impress Your Guests

easy Easter recipes

  This Easter, Try Something New with These 5 Impressive & Easy Easter Recipes Looking for something new to make this year for Easter dinner? Here’s an entire dinner of easy Easter recipes for you, from appetizer all the way to dessert—and they’re all 100% swoon-worthy, thanks in part to one star ingredient. All these

How to make Caesar salad {with spicy croutons}


How easy it is to make Caesar Salad Caesar salad, so ubiquitous in Italian restaurants, was actually created in Mexico, though by an Italian immigrant named Caesar Cardini. It was introduced in New York City in the Forties at Gilmore’s Steak House on East 48th St between 3rd and Lex. (Check out these matches from

A visit to Titan Foods {Baked shrimp salad with orzo + ouzo}

The wonders of Titan Foods, a Greek Supermarket in Astoria, are many. Walk in and you might feel you’ve ended up in Greece, not Queens, thanks to the Greek music playing overhead, the blue and white flags, and of course the food, most of which is imported straight from Greece. What you’ll love about Titan

For the love of autumn {Tortellini with squash + Romaine pomegranate salad}

It’s been a very glorious fall here in NYC: sunny days, slight crispness in the air, blue skies, white fluffy clouds, cozy evenings—pure gorgeousness. It’s my favorite time of year to do simple things that make me happy: stroll around New York with my daughter, sit in a cafe and sip coffee or tea, and

Chickpea salad {from an award-winning chef + a very unique cookbook}

I love my cookbook collection. Over the years I’ve amassed quite a few. They sit on my shelves, dog-eared and stained with butter, olive oil, flour and other ingredients. But I love technology, too, and the novel ways in which we can learn cooking tips and follow recipes. So I was excited to dive into

Burrata cheese with fresh figs, red onions, black olives, mint, basil and parsley salad

Burrata, fresh figs, a variety fresh herbs…there’s hardly a better warm weather salad. I enjoyed this a few weeks ago at Wall & Water, located in the Andaz Hotel on Wall Street. (You can read about the restaurant in my Q&A with Chef Maximo in Hauteliving.com) I also tasted the grilled stone fruit salad, the

Fennel, red onion, orange salad

This is one of my favorite warm weather salads. Thinly shaved fennel paired with red onion, and balanced with orange segments…it’s crunchy, sweet and savory at the same time. You can certainly slice the fennel and onion thinly with a very sharp knife, but here is a better idea: using a mandolin. you’ll get those

Shrimp Orzo Salad

  When I see cumin and coriander in the same recipe, my taste buds immediately perk up. These two distinctive spices can alter a mundane dish, making it more appealing to those of us who like more complexity. Take, for example, this recipe for shrimp orzo salad. Standing on its own, with the shrimp simply

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