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A visit to Titan Foods {Baked shrimp salad with orzo + ouzo}

The wonders of Titan Foods, a Greek Supermarket in Astoria, are many. Walk in and you might feel you’ve ended up in Greece, not Queens, thanks to the Greek music playing overhead, the blue and white flags, and of course the food, most of which is imported straight from Greece. What you’ll love about Titan

Easy pasta with asparagus {The art of being busy}

I didn’t know what busy was until I had a child. And after I had little S 5 years ago, I also started this web site, which has turned into my source of income. Busy got even busier. Once upon a time, I had a Jack Russell, an apartment in NYC’s Chinatown, a job as

Sweets: Smoke & Stout Caramel Bar from Vosges

I am always on the lookout for good chocolate, like my friend Sue Ann Gleason of Chocolate for Breakfast. Because I love unique flavor combinations, after a day at The Metropolitan Museum of Art I was thrilled to stumble upon Vosges, an adorable purple and white store known for their exotic chocolates. While I was

A sneak peak at my App: iFoodShop

I want to tell you about my upcoming App for the iPhone/iPad. I’ve been working on it since the beginning of the year and it’s just about done, which is a huge relief! Among the many reasons I love living in New York City is the amazing abundance of food shops: spice stores like Kalustyans,

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