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Not your grandmother’s iced tea

There are classic iced tea drinkers and those who love to experiment. If you’re in the latter category (as I am), I have a few ideas for you. One is this wonderful tea I just discovered at Harney & Sons in SoHo: the Fruits d’Alsace tea was inspired by Jean Joho, a famous Alsatian chef.

Tarte Tatin (adapted from Julia Child)

If you’re looking for a new way to cook with apples, why not try a French version that was created by mistake. Here’s an excerpt from my post on Dean & Deluca’s Gourmet Food Blog: My first job was at a 4-star French restaurant in Boston and one of my most vivid memories of working

Tea-infused pound cake

I love cooking with tea and highly recommend it. Some of you may remember my tea-roasted chicken recipe. It’s definitely one of my favorite ways to cook a bird, but more on that later. Here is my latest experiment: Tea-infused yogurt pound cake with Earl Grey icing, featured on The Gourmet Blog by Dean &

Would you like some espresso with your steak?

Making the rub for this steak was super easy, and I loved the crust it formed. If you love experimenting with recipes as much as I do, add herbs and spices you like to the espresso/brown sugar mixture. Find the recipe for espresso-rubbed steak in The Gourmet Food Blog by Dean & DeLuca. Follow thenyckitchen!

How to roast a fish

When it comes to cooking a whole fish, roasting is one of my favorite techniques because of its versatility: simply add whatever herbs and ingredients you like or may have on hand and you’re sure to come out with a winner. Here, my take on a Greek-style fish recipe in the Dean & DeLuca Gourmet

Clams & Chorizo

I love the combination of clams and chorizo. Here, a sultry rendition that pairs well with a spicy red wine and some grilled bread. You can easily serve this as an appetizer or as a main course with salad. For the recipe, visit my post on Dean & DeLuca. Follow thenyckitchen!

Vanilla bean panna cotta

I used to buy vanilla pods and scoop out the beans, that is until I found this vanilla bean paste from Neilsen-Massey. It makes baking so much easier, even though admittedly I still love the scent of the pods, so I’ll probably buy them every now and then. But being a busy mom, the paste

Rack of lamb with mustard and Herbes de Provence

What are you going to make your father, or father of your children, this Father’s Day? I plan on making this rack of lamb for my husband. (And of course I’ll be sending my father something, probably some wine from Winery Insider, which deserves its own write-up, something I’ll do soon). This version of rack

Dean & Deluca Chef Consultation

I’ve noticed that there are two sorts of home cooks: those who frown upon advice from a chef and those who welcome it. I am from the latter group. I’ve learned some techniques from chefs I never could have learned on my own. And I love picking their brains about where they shop and how

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