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Baked Cod with Artichokes

Cod Stew with Artichokes

Grab a baking dish, some fresh cod and a can of artichoke hearts and dinner is almost done. That’s how easy a dish like is to make. And you can use another fish of you like and skip the artichokes and add other ingredients like olives, capers, tomatoes. Add wine or add broth. Or even

Cod coconut stew {What is Hari Mirch?}

One thing I love, in life and in food, is a new discovery. A few weeks ago, a person named Sandeep wrote to tell me about an ingredient that her mom used in the recipes she made at home in India: an ingredient called hari mirch. I’d never heard of hari mirch and was pleasantly

Cod, shrimp + chorizo stew {All is fine no matter what the outcome}

I told myself I would never be one of those moms you hear about, the crazy ones obsessed with getting their child into a great kindergarten. But over the past couple of week I’ve gotten immersed in the craziness of kindergarten admittance here in NYC. If you haven’t heard of this level of insanity, you

Moving again {Miso-honey glazed cod}

My love of miso began when I visited Japan as a teenager and continued when I lived in Chinatown. There, Hong Kong Supermarket, which is definitely not a market for the intrepid, was my go-to place for Asian ingredients. I popped by the other day for the miso I used in this recipe and I

Cod stew

I have a secret desire to live in Paris (well maybe it’s not such a secret) so it’s no surprise that one of my favorite cookbooks is Parisian Home Cooking. The author, Michael Roberts, spent years in Paris shopping and cooking with friends and discovered the French way to cook, which is buying whatever looks

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